Forumbit Tool Icons

To enhance the visitors’ experience, you can add some quick tools to your forum display. You can see these icons here on, and here is a clear screenshot of what they look like:


As you see the 4 icons, and here what they are: (the title appear when you hover on them)

– create new thread in that forum
– list new posts/threads in that forum
– subscribe to that forum
– RSS Feed for that forum

… they are all permission based, so if you have no permission to post, the icon New Thread will not show… same for the search and subscribe.

As usual, that modification is without any code or template edits.

The icons are copyrighted, but you can change them when you want… you can also edit the template « forumhome_forumbit_toolicons » to make it look the way you want… like adding a border, or making them vertical instead of horizontal…

If you have Cyb Subforums Manager, you will have to edit the forumbit templates to your taste…

This tweak is better used if you drop the Threads/Posts columns in your forumbits templates.

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  1. OK i’m back 😀

    Nexy, maybe there is a trouble in this hack 🙂 if you set a forum like a link the others icon are still there and clickable … 🙂

    also right now i can’t subscribe to a specific forum, maybe do you have disable this feature?

    many thanks

  2. thanks Kurtz, i never thought of the forum links… will change that. i’ll check the subscription too, but it’s the default engine from vB, i did not change a thing in it, just a different way to display the link.

  3. @nexia 20691 wrote:

    thanks Kurtz, i never thought of the forum links… will change that. i’ll check the subscription too, but it’s the default engine from vB, i did not change a thing in it, just a different way to display the link.

    Nexy, here you can subscribe to a specific forum like you can see:
    FNIV – Federazione Italiana Videogiocatori

    and here i’ve installed the 1.0.0 version of this hack …

    meawhile, i’ve installed the 1.3.0 versione (the latest) onto my testing board here:
    Forums – Powered by vBulletin

    and like you can see there isn’t any link to subscribe to a forum … (also you can see the forum link trouble that i said before)

  4. One thing people can do is change the « #FFFFFF » to « transparent » an thus that background will vanish an you can then use it on any system without problems.

    I quickly modded the version I just downloaded so that the product you import is already set to transparent mode. I can’t upload, but if anyone wants a copy feel free to PM me an I’ll sort something out for ya, 🙂
    Course, long as thats okay with nexia.

  5. No probs, always glad to help out wherever I can.

    A friend of mine an I used the transparency option to mod the dropdown menus on our site to make the navbar system work a lot better. Specially when theres like say 20+ menu items, so we switched it to being side-by-side (by-side if needed, lol) instead of one giant list. As well as making them all in their own groups as such. You can see what I mean if you go to my site ( an click on the Games navbar menu option. Course its not finished, but still you’ll get the point.

  6. This is the original which I copied and pasted into Template: forumhome_forumbit_toolicons

     $vbphrase[forumhome_createnew_x] »>
     $vbphrase[forumhome_newpostsin_x] »>
     $vbphrase[forumhome_subscribeto_x] »>
    $vbphrase[forumhome_rssto_x] »>

    $forum[replycount] $vbphrase[posts] in $forum[threadcount] $vbphrase[threads]

    I assume this is a template solely for your mod, so I don’t understand how it could have been altered?

    Btw: Thanks for your mods

  7. Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

    I’d really like to implement this feature.

    Also, does this prevent people without access to the forum to be able to subscribe via rss or is there another solution somewhere that prevents rss url’s from being linked to those unauthorized?

  8. 1- the html leak i have no idea… did the code work originally from the plugin? *(as it already work on 200++ sites without a problem, it may be something on your site.)

    2- permissions on icons and functions are permissions based… so if the icon shows up, it’s because the member have access via his permissions… if there is a bug in the icon show, no problem, because having access to the rss feed is also based on access… the icons are not the functions, just access to them.

  9. Great AddOn.

    Can u add 3 More Options?
    1.Subscribe (OK See Edit)
    2.If Subscribed not Appear Subscribe but UnSubscribe
    3.Mark Forum As Read

    Thanks In Advance
    Sorento Ultimate


    After i change $userinfo to $vbulletin->userinfo
    at forumhome_forumbit_toolicons Template the Subscribe Work

  10. OH, thanks for the typo corrected Sorento.

    ok, let’s see:

    1- you brought the correct typo, will update
    2- subscription require another query, i’ll see if it work without and will edit.
    3- great suggestion… will find a great icon for it!