Banners List

A simple list of banners you put in the directory of your choice. ref-id is sticked to the url when user is logged.

You can have a look by visiting « Our Banners » in the navbar, or with this screenshot:


8 réponses sur “Banners List”

  1. hum, my script is checking all directories named with a X in it… like 234×45 … that was the goal of the engine to have a display based on the size of the images…

    BUT: the script can be modified, here *(line 29 of the /banners/index.php file):
    [php]foreach (glob(‘*x*’, GLOB_ONLYDIR ) as $dirarray)[/php]to this:
    [php]foreach (glob(‘*’, GLOB_ONLYDIR ) as $dirarray)[/php]

    also, as you can see in the code, it only parse the gif., .jpg and .png files… you can modify this if you need to list flash banners too…