what would be the formula?


i would prefer a lifetime license, for some reasons:

1- less tracking of expired licenses
2- less obligations from buyers
3- we will never be opened for 50 years anyway


one single site?… if our script is multi-site management, sure it have to be… but if we have a one-site version, it have to be restricted someway?
you want to track all these installations ?!… i do not want to play the police on the internet, i hate being tracked also… callback is a stupid logic. so i would tend to let this restriction go.

i would prefer having the CORE completely free, or a minimal fee, and do like all millionaire coders… they code custom and exclusive works for their clients, having a better income.

if from the start we have a free available core that can be installed anywhere at any range, AND offer a wide range of paid modules and addons to satisfy all the needs, the clients will come and grab only the addons they want. if we restrict the engine to be narrowed to restrictions, we will close our market only to a specific client range.

having a free CORE also open the door for outsiders… coders who are interested to share their work but also have their own clients and control their own market… so we would have dev keys ?

Free Identification:

the only restriction i can think of is very simple… if you download the CORE from our site, you can receive support/modules.

an encoded ID for the site you want to add the core to is provided in the download, so we can easily identify that your version of the core was downloaded from our site. no need to trackback or callback …

that give us the flexibility to let other coders give the CORE to their clients and provide themselve the support their clients deserve… elsewhere!


with the idea inserted above, we can provide some coders with a developper key and the script that let them generate their own support ID… compare this with Jelsoft.. they do not share their user table, and refuse to let other companies have support forums with the word vbulletin in it… you have hard time finding an officially supported vb site

so if we provide this system, other developpers can become official key developpers to the project, at a cost, and can resell our existing addons with a % of profit… they can have their own site for support, or part of our site for their own work. we can also link their clients to our database if they quit…

we do not have to support the clients of these developpers until these developpers abandon these clients. but these clients can buy our products and be supported by these developpers… giving the developpers a wider range of clients, as the clients can choose who will be their support staff or so.. 🙂


  1. Lizard King

    Where the hack my reply dissaperad from this thread :oh_stress:

    Anyway licensing is a key factor for getting successfull. There is one thing i noticed within vBSEO. If the suppor staff is crowded people pay as much as you ask. Owned licenses are the best method and each license shall be only used on one site. However there can be a developer license which will allow you to use the software on multiple sites.

    Free Identification:

    an encoded ID for the site you want to add the core to is provided in the download
    this will definately get cracked 🙂 Best way is to create a new usergroup and license owners can get support. Thats it.

    Keeping license system easy is the key to success.

  2. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    bumping this thread…

    so, what do we do?

    the MTF will be a big engine, and i think the best deal we would have with the coders that will add their stuff here would be to protect everybody with a simple and secure licensing engine…

    Mert, Drew, what do you think would be the best?

    right now what i have in mind is that when a coder will release his stuff here, we will check each release to make it follow our protocol and vBulletin structure to the letter… no messy code.

    so what could we do?… having the coders pay to add our security code? what code can we implement to make it hard to nullify or at least check if a site is legal or not…

    how much do i have to pay to have such system?

  3. Drew

    Ok well i have thought about it but and everyone had some way to be removed.

    Anyway, just brain storming, we have to have the license checking some how « embedded » into a callback feature that people would want, such as version changing.

  4. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    WordPress have one of the best way to deal with that… actually without checking your site details, wordpress.org verify if you site is living or dead each time your visit your admin section, when the page load the RSS feed from wordpress.org. the rss feed is pingbacking your site to see the date of your last post.

    so our best shot would be to add a block in the adminCP’s control panel, like here: http://vbenhancer.com/nexias-homeworks/nexs-basics/3190/

    the block would contain News from our site, a RSS feed for the version of each of the addons they purchased… people can not really delete a product that is just watching for News, but we can also add something funny in the url of the rss feed… something like : vbenhancer.com/rss/check?nex_mtf/mtf_answer/mtf_articles … each addition is generated by a simple checkup, as we can easily loop the list of products located in the vB… and the RSS feed would not work if we do not have a single product… someone hacking the feed function would not be able to have any news from us, and that’s something sad… lol

    encoding: do we require to have something like ion-cube installed for our major tools?!… or some other encoder?! all the encoders i know are paid and the decoders have to be installed by the client? wouldn’t it be possible to encode parts of the code in a PHP function so the simple users would not be able to read part of our code?

    crackers are everywhere, i don’t care about them. it’s the day-to-day newbie which is dangerous…the one who think he can crack everything because he know the echo() function…

    if we could embed part of our code in an encrypted way, not only the verification process but also some essential parts of the engine… example, if the feed return a FALSE answer, the products are deactivated, or something like that…

    also, i like the way vbCredits have its functions called. instead of writing a load of hooks plugins, for each hook needed, the include(DIR . ‘/plugins/credits_plugins.php’); is called… that file simply check the hook that calls it, and execute the function related to that hook from a switch. if we do the same and the file /mtf_functions.php is encrypted in any way, we could make it execute about anything without the newbies being able to crack any function…

    surely my friends crackers would crack it, i don’t care, i think our best shot will be to provide an uncrypted version… i think… lol… they are helping me/us anyway, they are free testers… lol

  5. Drew

    from what i hear about encoders it’s better just to not use them with all the hassle and they often get cracked anyway (i’m not sure about ion but i know zend has been). i think we should just go with the news script. One more idea with the news script is we have it so that we to keep people interested in keeping the news script we put special links to receive special promotions?