RSS Feed Rethink

New design for all the RSS Feed you apply to your forum.

Actually, inside vBulletin, you have:


  1. a rss feed inside a forum is used only to display small amount of text from the feed itself… having to click the thread title to see the small text of the feed is irrelevant.
  2. no capability to show the image attached to the feed is irrelevant too, as it’s one of the gains we had lately with RSS2.
  3. having the RSS post have the dateline of the moment the cron will grab the info… this is irrelevant because the feed have to be fluid with its own feedline.

So now, we will see the feeds in a different way:

Does that look professional enough ?!

details of the changes:

1- Creation Date of Thread is now based on the original posting date of the feed itself. if the GMT is different, the creation date will be the moment when the cron grab the info.

2- The attached images of each feed can be retrieved on feed connection and inserted as a thumbnail for the thread.

3- Feed content is displayed in forumdisplay, instead of having to open the thread to read the comment. RSS Feeds are for insights, not for clicking all the way… so displaying the entire feed when you open the forum is better, and the display we use by default is similar to most of the News displays of these Feeds.

4- when you add the hack, it look even more professional.


though this hack require that you edit 2 files to work properly, because it edit the core functions of the RSS Reader, which does not contain any hook for addons.


note: update: cloni reported that the search form on top of the page was not working properly… it is now fixed… no version change. was just a at the wrong place…

note: october 23, 2009: updated product file to version 1.0.2, edited template and product so vBSEO is not interacting anymore with the url.

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  1. i simply added a CSS element to make the image align to the left instead of just showing right away, so it is not breaking the look of a good post.. 🙂

    btw, you can start requesting things here too.. 🙂

    EDIT: and the next thing i do for the RSS Feeds is to apply the same technique but at the opposite, when using external.php with our own RSS Feed… adding the first attached image to the feed elements, with a link in the text, and the description, etc… because actually, the RSS Feed of vBulletin is crappy. they planned a better one for 4.0, but i will double it.

  2. This all sounds pretty cool! I use RSS feeds a good amount on my site. My members love them. It’s a way for them to get news that might not look for. I like the plans for this in the future also!

    I use provb advanced forums and this looks very nice with that. It streamlines well with my other forums. Almost like they were written together 🙂

    @nexia 14018 wrote:

    btw, you can start requesting things here too.. 🙂

    I just might take you up on that offer 😉


  3. logically, it store the thumbnail information when it grab the new feed, so it’s impossible to do it with old feeds… nobody can do a thing about that

    and as i can see, your feed have mega sized images attached, would be good to have a resize [img] hack on your site to make them smaller and integrate better in your display…

  4. my engine is not generating thumbnails though, it’s adding the thumbnails to the feed…

    because some RSS Feed engines can attach a thumbnail to resume the content of the feed, that’s what you see usually in News Feeds, Sports Feeds. when you click the News you enter to the full content, and the thumbnail is replaced with the actual image, like the big image of your feeds… but it’s not for all feeds.

    the images that are in your feeds are actually attached images, not thumbnails.

    the thumbnails are an element of the feed infos… vBulletin do not store these infos, my engine does… this is the difference.

  5. Ah, great little engine though, going to use it even if they want to attach crazy large images, if it gets to out of hand I will just switch feeds to something more manageable.

    The other two feeds are working out nicely.

    Thanks Nexia,


  6. @nexia 21093 wrote:

    error reported from, the search box is not working… my error, i kept the original code of the popup, forgot about the

    Yea, that was me, who reported this error. 🙂
    Great to see, that you´re working on it and will fix that.

    I appreciate you´re awesome work mate and hope to see moreeee. ;D

    Cheers bud

  7. Can you please fix the search form nexia? Does this take much of time or just a few lines of code?! 😉

    I have this installed and running smooth, but does not look professional with a nonworking search engine. o_O

  8. Nah, it wasn’t against you nexy! It was against me, whenever there are file edits, my forum usually white pages 😛 😀

    Anyway, I came back to say that the RSS Poster robot is not posting feeds anymore, the scheduled task is enabled, just nothing is fetched…?

    When I preview the feeds, I know there is new content, so :/

  9. @trotskid, i tested it, and the only way it was possible to replicate your problem was to deactivate the BBCodes in the forum where the feeds are posting… so make sure it is set properly so we can debug it :

    AdminCP >> Forum Manager >> Your Feed Forum >> Enable / Disable Features >> Allow BB Code

  10. Fixed uninstalling and installing the product (also updated to v3.8.4).

    @trotskid 23006 wrote:

    It’s curious.. I’ve installed the Nexia’s Post Date for Threadbits some time ago and works very well on all the forums, but in the forum that i’ve created for the feeds doesn’t work.

    Any suggestions?


  11. Hi nexia!

    I have installed the mod successfully but have a few issues with it. In some cases when a feed’s headline link is clicked the new page will not display the feed’s content but instead will display a page with a « forbidden » message:


    You don’t have permission to access /forum/law-news/30378-will-california-s-new-anti-paparazzi-law…………..

    Another issue I found is when I access the feed page (forumdisplay page for feeds) as an unregistered user most of the new « formatting » is gone (images and feed content are not displayed).

  12. hum, strange behaviors.

    for the missing content for guests, i will have to check the code to see if any permission is blocking its content… maybe the RSS Feed have bbcodes disabled or something.

    for the url with wrong permissions, i have no idea, i’ll check.

  13. Ok, thanks!

    Btw, I didn’t make the file edit for the « includes/cron/rssposter.php » file because I couldn’t find it…

    FIND : (line 155 of the official version)


    Is the only purpose of rssposter.php file edit to make a new more relevant timestamp?

  14. if you do not edit that file, you have no need of the addon, as it’s the main goal of the engine…

    the file edits are to add the new elements like the thumbnails or any elements you may see fit for your own feeds (extra data, like movies, urls etc)

    oh, the file was changed in 3.8.4… i’ll edit the release…

    it is below, in line 180…


    FIND: (line 155 of the official version, 180 in 3.8.4)



    # little addition from nexia to read enclosed images:
    if (isset($item))
    foreach($item AS $enc => $val)
    $item = $val;
    $item = ($item AND TIMENOW > strtotime($item)) ? strtotime($item) : TIMENOW;
    # end of little additions

    FIND (line 282, 343 in 3.8.4):

    $itemdata->set(‘startdate’, TIMENOW);


    #$itemdata->set(‘startdate’, TIMENOW);
    $itemdata->set(‘startdate’, $item);

    FIND (line 378 in 3.8.4):

    $itemdata->set_info(‘chop_title’, true);


    $itemdata->set(‘dateline’, $item);

  15. @wld 23486 wrote:

    Yeah, this one is quite strange. I was testing it as an admin using the same source for feeds and I don’t see any patterns why this would be happening so far…

    hum, maybe the admin is having permission to access that forum but not the others…

  16. I made all the suggested cron file edits and reinstalled the plugin but still have the problems I was talking about before. I even tried to disable few addons but no luck.

    I may have to put this one on hold for now… :grin_Cool:

    Btw, is there an easy way to just add feed images to forumdisplay page?

    That would solved the problem with the forbidden pages for now. :grin_Wink:

  17. Hi nexia !!

    I’m still trying to figure out what is causing the issues. It is kind of addicting to find out where the problem is. :grin_Turtle:

    This is a great hack and it seems to work well except for unregistered users.

    And it is kinda puzzling why some feeds give forbidden access pages and some don’t. I was tasting it again as a regular registered user and as an admin and the results are identical — the feeds which give forbidden access pages are the same. When the mod is disabled all feed links are accessible to all forum usergroups.

  18. I got this response from Brian (vBSEO stuff):

    The forbidden links appear to be coming into the rss parser incorrectly. [/CODE]

    Looks like the url isn’t getting split from the post body.

    why it doesn’t work for guests is also beyond me (i made a user, vbseotest). The plugin must have an option? or has a case in it for $show[‘member’] in either the template or the php itself.

    [CODE] [/CODE]

    Looks like the url isn’t getting split from the post body.

    why it doesn’t work for guests is also beyond me (i made a user, vbseotest). The plugin must have an option? or has a case in it for $show in either the template or the php itself.

  19. ok, first, from what i see, the url itself is way too long, this is not related to vbSEO or my engine, but the source where you take your rss feed, which is building URLS that are illegal.

    for the guests thing, no idea… illogical.

  20. Thanks for the reply!

    When vBSEO is disabled there are no issues at all… everything works fine. It’s definitively related to the vBSEO plugin, but I have no idea what’s wrong.

    Sometimes there are things between earth and heaven which are hard to figure out…


  21. as i said, the source feed create titles that are too long… these titles are stored properly in vBulletin, but vbSEO instead of creating thread urls like « showthread.php?id=234 », create urls based on the source title itself. a legal url have 120 characters and less… the example you give is way too long, making it impossible for the browser to handle it.

  22. WOW! The problem with urls is fixed… thank you Nexia!

    The last remaining issue are those unregistered users. Brian mentioned something about $show or option? in either the template or the php. Do you think it is possible? I was also looking at the code within the XML product to see if I could find anything but I’m not a coding expert at all… :grin_Sealed:

    And what makes it even more weird is when vBSEO is disabled the issue is fixed.

  23. FOUND…

    you have to set the permissions of your guest group to « Can View Others’ Threads » AND « Can View Thread Content »… so the content of the preview is set… this is a basic setting of vBulletin and i always forget about that…

  24. So, was looking in the ol’ server error logs, and saw this:

    [error] [client My-IP.**.**.**] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF, expecting ‘:’ or ‘{‘ in /home/mikey/public_html/forum/includes/cron/rssposter.php on line 182,

    SO, I went into rssposter.php and looked at line 182.. but I can’t see anything wrong?!?

    [php] switch($feed->feedtype)

    if (isset($item))
    foreach($item AS $enc => $val)
    $item = $val;
    $item = ($item AND TIMENOW > strtotime($item)) ? strtotime($item) : TIMENOW;


    Line 180 – 190 of rssposter.php

    This is line 182:

    [php] if (isset($item))

    I don’t see the error… do you?

  25. OMG i’m such an idiot.

    I put this code

    if (isset($item[‘enclosure’]))
    foreach($item[‘enclosure’] AS $enc => $val)
    $item[‘enclosure_’ . $enc] = $val;
    $item[‘timestamp’] = ($item[‘pubDate’] AND TIMENOW > strtotime($item[‘pubDate’])) ? strtotime($item[‘pubDate’]) : TIMENOW;

    AFTER, and not BEFORE…

    To fix it, I just moved it to BEFORE and now it’s working!

    OMG I can’t believe it was that simple 🙁

    Working with vBSEO too !!