Make Thread Prefixes clickable on forumdisplay pages, so when you click on the prefix, you will be returned the list of threads related to that prefix only.


as usual, no template edit, just a product upload…


  1. mikey1991

    Hey nex, this doesn’t work with vBSEO’s url rewrites, can you help?

    IE, I click a thread prefix, and a non rewritten url would be, say

    but the rewritten url is, and this doesn’t bring back all the prefixes with that id, it’s simply ignored… :/

    Any way this can be made to be working with my vBSEO? I’m using 3.3.2 vBSEO with vB 3.8.4 😉


    edit: I noticed you’re using vBSEO here and it works.. I’m not sure why mine is going wrong then.. :grin_Crying: