This is the first step to generate a complete new way to manage your forums. Once you select the type of section you want to have in that forum (we’re in the forum editor here!), you save and have a complete suite of settings that fit the type you selected… permissions are driven the same way, templates and functions as well.

HERE is the actual list of possible types:

‘ads’; # classified ads
‘album’; # personal albums
‘anonymous’; # anonymous posting
‘answer’; # like
‘articles’; # articles and docs
‘blog’; # personal blogs
‘bugs’; # bug report system
‘colophon’; # site references
‘dictionary’; # glossary, dictionary
‘docs’; # pdf, docs
‘feed’; # podcast, rss reader
‘guestbook’; # site guestbook
‘knowledge’; # knowledge base
‘link’; # links repository
‘lyric’; # lyrics related artists
‘movie’; # movie database
‘nfo’; # torrent and the like
‘photo’; # photo albums
‘poetry’; # poetry listings
‘poll’; # poll survey
‘recipes’; # recipes book
‘software’; # software repository
‘ticket’; # support tickets


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    This hack is actually built in two seperate products:

    1- the entire system manager, containing 3 default types (attachment album, link directory, RSS Feeds)… these are the actual types that you can find in demonstration already on this site.

    2- each new type released individually, which require the #1 to be installed to work.

    This system will be one of the few products here to be released commercially and advertised as soon as complete. The price is to be evaluated, but it will not be a 5$/each, like some noobs asked me lately.

  2. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    Here is a new screenshot of what will look like the adminCP…


    nexia added 1 minutes and 31 seconds later…

    i try to make the semantic as much precise as possible so you do not need any documentation to make this script work… that’s the longest part of the work to be done…

    3 of the addons will be released in this basic package: articles, links and attachment albums. they are 3 existing engines provided on this site, but will be merged to make it more flexible and easier to upgrade for anybody.

    nexia added 52 minutes and 25 seconds later…

    As you can see in the screenshot below, different settings are activated depending on type of forum you have.

    also, as you can see in the type selector, there is a *(child) indicator that this forum is the child of an Articles forum… BUT as it is a Links Directory inside the Articles forum, it also have the *(customized) tag besides its own type to indicate its status.

  3. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    Here are the screenshots for our PostFields Manager, we also have our ForumFields which is more for global management of the content, CMS-like.

    The Postfields we have are permissions based and structured to follow a real content editor, so you order their details, you create a questionaire if needed, that’s what they are used for…

    Post Fields Manager: the main menu where you deal with order and structure of your fields


    Post Fields Editor: all the details you can edit from a field


    as you can see, each field is custom to a type, but can be used across different types, so you do not loose the data if you switch from one type to the other.

    This is also good on the CMS point of view because the CMS can search thru similar fields. Same for the global search, that can be used to search details across all types, making a search more complete.