vB Server Status 1.0 for vBulletin 3 RC 2

A powerful script that shows you server information without any need to login via Telnet or SSH.
This is for a Red Hat linux server and is most useful for dedicated server admins.


1) Integrated into vB Admin CP – uses Admin CP cp.css style
2) View recent Telnet or SSH logins
3) View current kernel version
4) View current linux version
5) View number of current Apache processes running
6) View number of current MySQL processes running
7) View Hard Disk Partition names and sizes
8) View your current TOP information (including server loads, top processes)
9) View your current Netstat information
8) View your current Apache processes in detail (with % CPU/ memory/ PID)
9) View MySQL database detailed information
10) View PHP detailed information


1) Upload « serverinfo.php » to your /admincp folder.

2) Edit your /admin/index.php file:


Once this is installed, you can just click on the « vB Server Status » link in your Admin CP on the left column underneath your « vBulletin Options » to access this.

vB3 Server Status via Admin CP – vBulletin.org Forum