vbTrends – An Enhanced Statistics Box on Forum Home

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If you download the latest version go into your usergroups and set the ‘can view trends’ permission. SAVE the usergroup even if you haven’t changed the setting or things may not work. There is an odd permissions bug I haven’t figured out yet.

Also note that overwrite will not work. Please uninstall the previous version before installing the new one.

Enhances the « YourBBS » Statistics box on the forum home to show trends of posts, threads and new users vs. the overall history of the board. Also allows you to display more than one « newest member ».

Version 2.0.0:

1. Calculations exposed and modifiable in admincp.
2. Added ability to delay updates of stats to every x minutes in admincp.
3. Added a style setting for positive and negative trends.
4. Added custom hooks for all aspects of vbTrends, and moved code into said hooks.
5. Changed template to still show total threads when trend is negative and ‘positive trends only’ is enabled.
6. Usergroup permission to view trends.

Note: You cannot cause an error by messing up the calculations in the admincp. If the calculation you provide contains errors the stat in question will show as N/A.

This is a major rewrite, so I’ve set the hack to beta for now.

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