For a long time, it was merely impossible to find a place where to have solid efficient and secure services about vBulletin installation, configuration, customization, imports etc…

Now, we are hiring some great webmasters that are to be available for our clients when they need specific support or maintenance on their site.

Here are some tasks we will be able to support on your site:

  • Importing an existing forum over vBulletin
  • Configuration or Enhancement of your site performances
  • Installation or Upgrade of your Styles
  • Upgrade of your vBulletin, with upgrade of your styles
  • Upgrade or Enhancement of the custom products on your forum
  • Customization or Enhancement of your Styles for SEO, CSS and XHTML compliance
  • Restructuration of your Administration Staff on Big Sites
  • Enhancement of your visibility on other sites, with ads, sponsoring, banners etc
  • Professional Posters availability listing (so you have what you need)

This list will be updated by the time we hire more staff and find other solutions for you. The plans are to start these services in the begining of 2009… the more requests we have, the more involvement we will have to make it happen sooner.