Regarding Hackers, Pirates, Nullifiers… sorry but hey!

You, as a client, do not want my work to be found in the nullified side of the net, because you pay for these and do not want to see others having them for free… this would be unfair for all anyway.

But we can not control who will leech the hacks released because they usually pay them for real and then share the files inside the dark networks. It’s a way to make friends, or to send back for a gift already given.

What can we do then? encrypt our scripts ?!… bad thing, uncrypting a script is always slowing the server, and the clients always have to install extensions to their servers that are poluting more than anything…

Raising prices so high that pirates can’t buy them?… i would loose a lot of clients at the same time.

Adding Call-back function which verify which site have installed a script?… easy to crack, even from a noob. All these verification protocols are so easy to track and break, and hackers/nullifiers eat 10 of these each morning…

So, how can we avoid having our scripts released by any hacker who could even put virus in our scripts ?!… i have a solution i used for years, and which Apple use on its side…

Because Apple™ have a deal with hackers, a NDA… (non-disclosure agreement.) Hackers do not distribute pre-offocial versions of any Apple software, and Apple provide non-encrypted official version that will never need hacking.

That’s how i do. That’s how now do too. I was able to have a deal with the main vBulletin nullifiers, located at and, to have a non-distribution agreement.

What it does? nothing actually, that’s the deal. The guys have accepted to not try to hack or pirate my scripts. In exchange, we will see in the future… 😉

So this is an important message to any person here who would be interested to leech my stuff and offer it to GYSN… forget it, it will bring nothing good to you.