What about the products of this site?

And how does the purchase of products work ?!

It is simple to know how purchasing of a product can be done: you have to buy the product inside its own thread/release discussion. For each product, you have a button « purchase » and you are indicated if you want to buy it or not. If you do not have enough credits, you are suggest to go buy more credits.

Once you have purchased a product, all attachment files provided in its thread/release discussion are now available for you. It will cost you nothing to download the files once you pay the charge of purchase. Btw, if the coder decided to make the product available with a recuring payment, you will have to pay the renewal to be able to access the downloads once the first period is done.

How much a product cost?!

We do not evaluate the value/cost of a product, as our goal is not to police the prices… if a coder charge too much, it’s all up to him/her to loose clients.

Each product is given a fixed price in the first post of its thread. All products are priced in CREDITS, nothing else. If a coder require money to be sent, please report the situation so we can fix this.

About the releases:

As all the products released here are to be verified before release, we make sure they are well coded, they provide the job they are supposed to do, they do not contain any wallhack(modify your board to pirate it) or security risk for your site. We do not evaluate if a hack worth the value the coder apply to it, you are. So if a product does not worth its cost, just do not buy it…

And what about SUPPORT ???

Sure, you can receive support for any product released here… The concept is simple: you have a question, you post it in a release thread, it will cost you 10 credits per message posted (we say it’s the salary for supporting you!). If by a big hasard the author is not responding you in a reasonable delay (hum, 10 days max?!) a staff member can have the answer. If not, we will refund you the 10 credits of your request…

And about FREE products/hacks?

The releases that are tagged as free are free to download, that’s all… as they are verified, updated and properly documented, they normally do not need any support. As this site is a commercial support platform, you are charged for the support you require.

If a product is discontinued?

As we can not control how much time a product will be supported by the author, we are providing a fair system that will secure all your transactions. If a product’s thread is closed due to the abandon of service, you are given two solutions:

  • continue the access to the files and ask someone else for support
  • stop the access and be refund for the value of the purchase

No release is ever deleted on this site, nor stored in a hidden place. If a coder abandon his work, some other coder will take-over the release IF NEEDED… some hacks are abandonned naturally because the features are obsolete, or are already added to a new version of vBulletin, etc…

I think that covers it all…