Happy Halloween and, and…. that’s it!

Ok, it looks like the site is not going anywhere, it’s empty, nobody participate, blah blah blah… the usual so.

Each time a coder start a website for development, everybody think it have to be a real commercial success by the next day… The problem is that the week next to the opening, i was operated in the hand for some cyst that was breaking my hand in part… ya know, the kind of crap that transform into a cancer… So i’m at rest for another 3 weeks.

In the meantime, i was able to consolidate the bank of hacks that will be freely available when the site is really up (in the next days, even if i’m at rest), and the only thing that block me from opening the site commercially is the coding of the new MTF Releases engine… a lot more complex than planned because Gio’ decided to inspire me with some more ideas and i had to apply them before ending the development of the engine.

I did not abandon the site, even if nothing is moving really… i’m just not coding 24/7 like i used to be…

See ya all in a week or two!