vbMates is a Dating Module for vBulletin. Supports Males seeking Females and Females seeking Males. For any other combination, it’s better to check my other module vbPals, which is a special version of vbMates for Adult Dating sites.
1. vbMates’s Highlights
  • Very detailed Profile
  • Multiple Search (Gender, Age range, Location, Has Photo)
  • Profile Rating.
  • Search by Nickname.
  • User can use different Nickname to keep anonymity.
  • User can use different Email to receive messages.
  • Email Profile to a friend.
  • Report Profile as illegal to admin.
  • Statistics by Gender (Male/Female).
  • Top Male, Top Female on front page.
  • Newest Male, Newest Female on front page.
  • Modern, 2 columns, design on listings.
2.- Why your Members will love it
  • Story like profile view. No more a techical specification like listing. A view like « Passion is a Male, 48 years old, living in Texas, United States… » is much more attractive to those who read the profile.
  • Who has viewed me is a function found only in $$$ scripts. User is not only able to see who has viewed his profile, but also when and how many times. So he can easily understand that repeating visitors are much interesting for him.
3.- Great income for your site!
  • The nice, very clear in different background on listings design, for all featured members, will be a sure reason for them to pay to become featured members. Featured members also appear in random in front page and in the top of every listing’s page. Also the fact that there are so many configuration per usergroup, it’s a reason to add many subscriptions with different access level.
4.- Admin’s Features
  • Can setup module’s options
  • Can Manage Profiles (Approve, Edit, Reject)
  • Can Manage Featured Profiles
  • Can Add Featured Profiles by Gender
  • Can Manage Reported Profiles
  • Can Rebuild Counters
5.- vbMate’s Options
  • Turn On/Off use of different Nickname
  • Turn On/Off use of different Email
  • Turn On/Off use of States
  • Turn On/Off use of Countries
  • Turn On/Off Profile Approval
  • Profiles per Page (for listing)
  • Set background color for Featured Profiles
  • Turn On/Off HTML emails
  • Email Template for Profile Approval
  • Email Template for Profile Rejection
  • Email Template for Featured Profile
  • Photo Width
  • Width of Left Column
  • Width of Right Column
  • Font Size for Menus
6.- Usergroup Permissions
  • Can use vbMates?
  • Can Add own Profile?
  • Can Edit own Profile?
  • Can Delete own Profile?
  • Can Hide own Profile?
  • Can Rate Profiles?
  • Can Send Messages?
  • Can Search Profiles?
  • Can Moderate?

7.- Installation

  • Upload the entire /vbmates directory to your webserver UNDER the folder where
    your vBulletin is installed. eg if your vb installation is located at:
    http://www.yourdomain.com/forums then the /vbmates directory must be under this (/forums).
  • Upload vbmates.php at your forum directory (!!NOT!! in vbmates directory).
  • Upload the file /admicp/vbmates_admin.php to your /admincp directory
  • Upload the files in /includes/xml/*.* to your /includes/xml/
  • CMOD the directory /vbmates/photos to 777 (Writable for all). It stores the photos
    that your members will post at their pofiles.
  • CMOD the directory /vbmates/tmp to 777 (Writable for all). It stores temporary
    the photos for image manipulation and then deletes them.
  • For security reasons backup your database AND turn your board off
  • Check at your AdminCP->vBulletin Options->Plugin/Hook System that Plugin system
    is enabled.
  • From your AdminCP->Plugin System->Manage Products choose Add/Import Product and import the product: product_vbmates.xml
  • If you want to add a link to your nav bar then you must edit the NAVBAR template:
    Search For:



Add Below:


  • By default none usergroup has permissions to use vbMates, so you need to give
    permissions to any group. Goto AdminCP->Usergroups->Usergroup Manager and edit any usergroup you like to give permissions.
  • Configure vbMates to meet your needs at AdminCP->vbMates->Options

8.- Copyright

This script cannot be redistributed, reproduced, or published in any way. Modifying this script and sharing or publishing your modification A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E (including here) without the author’s written permission is strictly prohibited. The sane applies for writting addons or integrading it with any other software or module (eg vbAdvanced).

Copyright removal, editing or replacement PROHIBITED !! My copyright text and link must remain visible. If your template has colors that makes my copyright invisible you’re responsible to change the color of my copyright to be straight visible.

Brand Free option is availabe at $25 per installation. [URL= »http://www.++++++++++.com/ »]You must visit my site for it[/URL].

Enjoy it

Reference: vbMates by Mary – vBulletin.org Forum