– Think MEGA sites with hundreds of forums: Christian Forums is a target.

– Think OOP, because i do not understand a line of it.. lol

– Think Hierarchical Type detection with alterations: if a parent forum is Type-X, a child can be customized to be Type-Y… if not customized, the child receive the « child » version of the parent’s type… if there is no child version for that type, it receive the same type… until it is customized…

– Think Hierarchical Moderation level, at the opposite of vBulletin default. a parent moderator can be automatically moderator of a child forum, even if we have a moderator for that child forum. like on dmoz.org, where a parent moderator is called a META Editor, a child one is a Editor… Hierarchical Edition too, where a META can not be edited by a Editor… same in WordPress… >> this does not seems to fit as a MTF addon, because i think it’s more a complete rewrite of the actual vB structure… lol

other details to come… i like brainstorms!