Ok, Drew, as you see in the archive i sent you, there is a Postfield manager… used to create new fields in the forum structure itself… it works perfect and is actually based on the Userfield generator, but instead of saving stuff in a seperate table, it edit the _forum table on the fly… this can be cumbersome if we go to the threads level when we have millions of posts, but i thought it would not be a problem with forums even if it have 500 forums… your point on this?

you want a different engine, let’s go.. i play with what i have on hands, so it was easier for me to modify vB code than invent something else.


  1. Drew

    Ok, just making sure I understand this right, So each forum type adds postfields that will be seen when editing/creating a thread in a forum with that forum type? If that is how it works it probably would be a good idea to create a seperate table with a setup like:

  2. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    it all depend on what you think it is more powerful…

    the structure i generated was just for the management of the fields info, not the storage of them… if the forum setup is stored in the forum table, it’s easier to cache and retrieve… but for the threads, sure we can store that in a seperate table, that was my plan…

  3. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    yeap, extra forum fields… i did not rename everything because i was in a brainstorm on it, but mainly it’s just part of the entire process… you know better than me how we can reconstruct this… i just seperated the vB engine, but if it is completely pointless, just tell me.. 🙂