Structural Additions to MTF

Ok, today i was thinking (bleh)… what about global addons that are not linked to a specific type?

I have a ton of features and hacks, and they could easily be integrated to MTF, but instead of being per-forum, they can be integrated globally, and activated without a type choice…

The actual deal with MTF is that for each forum, we select a Type and then we configure how that Type will look like in that forum. but what if we select the Articles type and decide that we want to add « Referred Links » in the articles?!… do we have to make each type filled with millions of possibilities?

And for each element we add, like the Custom Fields generator is made for, where and how the info is managed ? we could require that option X is shown on top left in a forum, and in bottom right in another forum…

GARS have an horrible way to deal with that question, as you can create as much types you want and you create each display page as a portal with blocks… maybe our best guess would be to go the « portal » way too ?!

these are details we need to fix because the next step!

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  1. there is no benefit right now, that’s why i want someone else’s opinion…

    that’s why i recoded the custom fields thing actually, to have the ability to add some custom fields to a specific forum, when needed.

    it’s a mix of different needs actually, we need that flexibility, like we need to store the content of these fields in a way we can always search them… so we can not store the input stupidly..