Types to create for MTF… the ones with targets

Ok, here is a list that I THINK would tease the buyers… i already own most of the hacks that were released to fill these functions from other sites, so i also can stop their production in any time, and switch all the clients to MTF…

ex: i own the rights for MadeForMary’s Classified… we need a MTF Classified. Mary also had that Pals/Mates meeting scripts… we will have a MTF to fill these interests too.

so here is a list:

– Classified
– Realty
– Auctions (a lot more complexe)
– Articles
– Meeting (personal ads)
– Photo Votes
– FAQ / Knowledge base
– Answers.yahoo.com and other content grabbers
– Q&A à la answers.yahoo
– Links Directory
– RSS Feed (vB one is crap)
– Podcast (vB one is crap)
– Magazine
– Interviews
– Cart
– Help Desk
– Support Ticket
– Bug Tracker
– Project Planner
– Releases
– Licenses
– Portfolio
– Quotes
– Artists Lyrics / Discographies
– Bibliographies
– Recipes Books (ton of custom fields)
– Product Reviews
– Sports Statistics
– Bookie
– Trading
– Blogs
– Photo Albums
– Dictionary
– Documentation
– Guestbook
– Movies/Music Database
– nfo – torrent
– Poetry

… some other ideas and what-not?

3 réponses sur “Types to create for MTF… the ones with targets”

  1. sure, as i already had the Attachment album, the Links display and the Articles on the table, i was to offer something similar as a startup… not the entire list right away, this is pathetic.. and we do not advertise anything until we have it on the shelf.