Pirated script/forum, what can we do?

We are not dealing with the forum software itself, as there are instances for that… so a pirated vBulletin forum itself have to be reported in that Anonymous place: vBulletin – Contact Us – Piracy

If it’s a product released on vbEnhancer.com, we can deal with it. use the « Contact Us » form at the bottom of the page, and do the report… DO NOT POST IN THE FORUM… this is not the place!

We have a deal of non-intrusion with GYSN and some other hacking groups, so they usually are not involved with the activities on vbE… someone failed to follow the copyrights of this site and we will not be happy about it… 🙂

Une pensée sur “Pirated script/forum, what can we do?”

  1. Oh, a note… do not play the Net-COP… do not track our scripts everywhere to see if there is no copyright in the footer of the sites… there is none usually.

    Do not track the forum owners by accusations you would not be able to proove. We can deal with it as we own the list of our clients…

    Just report the sites you KNOW are breaking the rules… if you are unsure, just let go…

    sleep well!