I thought since the project manager was removed I would just show my progress on MTF, so here it is:

– MTF Base OOP engine
– Extra Forum Fields
– Extra Post Fields

– Full Ability To Replace Postbit, Threadbit, and Forumdispaly Templates (Partially done)
– Reduce Code (Combine/Delete/Add Code to make more efficient)

My goal is to have MTF Master done by the 25th


  1. Jean-Pierre

    that’s the goal… the best demo is always the ground where you put your feet.

    vbCredits is a good tool for one side of the things: we will act like on sitepoints.com… people have to buy points with paypal if they want to post a new ads… but we can go really far with this: a hidden field indicating the cost of a new thread, specific to that forum… because vbCredits do not permit this right now, you are paid to post, not the opposite… see where i’m going.. 🙂

  2. Drew Auteur du sujet

    OK right now all my attention is on the Releases engine, which i have starting to come together (i started from scratch instead of using the old code).

    with MTF i did add the levels feature, which i plan to add to the releases engine later, but i have not added the secondary types yet. i plan to do that after i have MTF releases in a beta stage.

    So as far as dates, i don’t know. the releases engine, which i had many ideas for (many extremely complex), is a lot more complicated and time consuming then i thought it would be but a challenge is always fun. With the Base MTF i have basics done but i feel like it’s incomplete so i think after the release engine i’m going to review the code and really make it run extremely efficiently.

  3. Jean-Pierre

    good to read.

    i have one client for the MTF Releases engine already, without advertising it… will be good if sold a solid state price, not something at 50$…

    for the whole MTF, do not focus on a deadline of release, i will work the other releases of the site instead. in the next 2 days i finish the update of iTrader 2.5… which is just merging the old script and all its addon, and putting some real html in it. the 3.0 btw, will be a great challenge even for you, because we will semi-merge it with MTF, and i will add a lot of stuff… some client$$$ are asking for new features, and i will try to force these features into the next version.

  4. Jean-Pierre

    you answered on your own… rofl

    i’ll first upgrade all the products that will not be integrated in the MTF engine. i plan on releasing at least 3 new products per week, regularly… you can see in the Freebies that i’m well started… 🙂

    releasing numerous freebies will bring people to visit the site more often than just when they would do if they just purchase one product… they come back because they want to see the surprises of the week.

    i code a lot lately, so it’s easy to release stuff…