i’m posting a Paid Request on vb.org

Here: vBulletin.org Forum

as you can see, i give no details…

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  1. Here is a draft of the « rules for releasing stuff on vbE » that i’m writing right now… please comment and add your ideas…

    Rules of Releases

    1- Your work can be released here and on your own official website. We need dedicated supporters so if you are spread all over the net, you are not efficient.

    2- Your work have to be supported here on vbenhancer.com, and not somewhere else; if you want to redirect the users to some other place, sorry but you will be kicked out. So, no « if you want to receive support, come to site X »…

    3- The only support you will have to give is for people who use your engines, so you do not have to check if this or that user is licensed or something.

    4- people pay for your support. if you fool them by trying to scam our members, sorry but you have only one chance. I am the master of this domain, and i have no feelings. at the opposite of vb.org, i will require proofs and ban for life the one who is scamming the other, client or coder.