ok everyone *(rofl)… i start re-releasing my old stuff with screenshots and demo. in the next days i’ll post often, when i have time. i have about 50 enhancements that will be posted on this site, not always installed because some of them are very annoying, but they will be on the demo forum.

these gadgets are for vb 3.8.x only, no backward indication, because i do not care… and because this site is about enhancements, not reverse engineering.

If you want this site to make a hit at his startup, it’s time to release your stuff too. the way i plan it is by having prefixes to identify what category of usage these addons are touching. a better listing than vb.org so.

i’d like to have your suggestions on how would be the best solution for our hacks repository. i’d like a sub-forum per author, but it may become cumbersome if we have hundreds of releasers — even if it is impossible.

this site is about paid support, so for the non-free releases, people have to pay for the support which goes directly in the account of the author. i’m actually doing it with Cash conversion from vbCredits, where the one who receive the cash will have a % retrieved for the site admin pocket… my %… 🙂

if we’re going to have our own points engine, we need something similar too.

i don’t know if we can wait for all these features to be built here, or we can simply replace on the fly when we have a replacement to vbCredits, but i think that the more we wait, the more we loose our market, because vb 4.0 will come in beta in the next 3 months, and a lot of coders will start playing with it.

So, the best way to finance this site, without loosing the coder’s interests?

i am not charging the coders to release their stuff here. btw asking for a % of all sales for the site maintenance is one of the best solution, so it will pay for the charges on the site, and we can continue to release our work without being pointed out sadly.