Top List / Webring

How to transform a forum into a Top List?!

simple: One forum per theme, each new thread is an entry, posted by the site owner, with title, url, desc.

visitors click the link to the url, and that hit is counted. same for the opposite, as the site owner can put a tag on his site to let his visitors vote to the site…: the vote link redirect to our toplist and a specific field will count the pro/con votes. people can even have permission to post comments if permission « can reply to others threads » is active…

we are not using the actual vB rate-thread engine because guests can not vote AND because on TopList we usually let visitors vote once per X days. but this can be using the rate-thread engine anyway, just putting the result in a specific field.

Details: difference with other TopList?!…

– we can change the threadbit display to show really a toplist, this is easy. you can also have a specific theme for each toplist by applying a theme for each forum you transform… no code needed

– we can have moderated entries without having to code a system. no code needed

– we can force people to register to vote. no code needed

– your forum can easily be hosting as much sub-forums that will become independant toplists. no code needed

… a lot can be done.

what i think is a Bundle, with Toplist, Webring, and Links Directory, Sites Reviews *(like all these CSS Galeries!)