This will simply calculate the average posts per day a member have on the forum, and display it below the « last visit » in the navbar.


The usage is simple… a lot of sites are asking their members to be very active on their forum or they get lower permissions etc. This little tweak will tell the users if they perform as requested!

— This one is again a no template/files edit. simply upload the product, and tada!


  1. Tanapangarap


    Unfortunately, my forum is not updated to at least 3.8; rather, it is on 3.7.3. I plan to update the forum some time in the future, but for now I was looking for a modification that adds the ability to check a user profile to see the percentage that his post count represents for the forum’s total post count. When I asked around, I was referred here, and to this modification.

    That said, I was wondering if, in the mean time, there is an easy way to make it so that I can just use the part for the profile, and for 3.7.3? Or if you know of another existing modification that can do this for me?

    If not, that’s fine; I can wait until I have time (and the money) to update.