ok, here are some news i share with you guys… 🙂

1- i’m creating a small style for the site, and the logotype will look like this:

the tagline would be better with a blinking « UP », but i prefer simple.. lol.. it means « did you check if your site was the best in town today? if not, see what we got for you! »…


the style is minimal, i want people to see the real impact of our products on a clean vB so they see if it fits their site — rare are the sites with a really customized style anyway.

2- i’ll post more News today.. lol


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    the style trash real bad… i need to revisit one of my icons pack… and need a real color scheme.

    i’ll also add some features to the site, where we can track users inter-activity, and i will deactivate a lot of others, like stupid profile/postbit elements. emails between members and pm is deactivated. pm will be given to clients and coders once we have something efficient to identify them… release engine?!

  2. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    1- will post a site review on vb.org and vb.com, participate the SOTM on both places too
    2- i have like 5000 paying members from other projects in bank, will add them before re-opening, and a Newsletter will be posted to them all…
    3- google and yahoo are actually re-indexing the whole site – i usually have more than 2 millions results on google, and i may buy some keywords (as you can see, vb.com do not buy keywords)
    4- my signature is on about 5500 posts in vb.org…
    5- some other sites where i am active are to announce our opening
    6- i’ll be announcing on answers.yahoo.com in the next days… and some other places where people talk about vbulletin, like on sitepoint.com

    hum, i think it’s enough for a startup