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looks like everybody’s dream is on the path… i mean, pathetic…

our main target now is to be their essential addon… MTF will be essential to that CMS as they need blocks, features, addons… so we need this to be the best crap IB/Jelsoft will need to buy.


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    hey, i thought it would be more complicated… lol

    ok, forthe releases engine, it’s all yours. i’m just giving ideas, and they worth « ideas value »… you want to code it, you have 100% of the profits from it.

    for the other addons anyway, i may be able to recode them or at least do more work than just ideas, so we will split accordingly… but my thought is that instead of sharing % of the sales, we select the ones which we receive the sales from… your idea on that?