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read this, you will see that the principle is very easy to execute… basically, if i do it right, this product itself could be sold to a great number of « relatives » forums… the only thing we really need is the structure of the forums, how it is displayed, and how sub-forums can altern with the others.

i would think to add a block inside each sub-forum with a reversed sub-forum tree… instead of just showing the sub-forum of the forum itself, it also display the parents, in order… inversed… i suppose it’s logical to say it that way.

the guy who asked it in the thread i started on vbteam.info is ready to pay for the whole thing, not just use it for free like i suggest to offer the CORE of MTF only for free so they can play with it… so it’s a client.


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    aside of the forum structure, a family tree is complex by the « related threads »… we need an alternative, where the member creating a thread can add a threadid to indicate a related thread, will be the relative of that thread, and we can then create some sort of relation between threads…

    so the global idea is:

    – sub-forums are branches of a tree
    – threads are each individual, where we can post a resumé, bibliography, photos, movies, etc
    – link between sub-forums to indicate a family
    – link between threads to indicate relatives

    there is not much elements in a family tree: husband/wife, parent, child, bro/sis… no need to add the uncle, cousin etc… logically everybody is.. we use Thread Prefixes for these elements, but we need some change of phrases, like the stickies which become the parents of the family…:)