Based on the evaluation of what was done on and some other sites lately, i think it will be pointless to invite other coders to release their hacks here in the form of a paid directory… the discussions i had is that they all want to be on their own sites, without interferance with others…

So be it.. we will simply provide a banners system that let them advertise, with a list of the announcers as a blogroll.

Also, as my big plan was to take-over the biggest projects to reload or simply crash burn, it is going well… and with the MTF, we will be able to break anyother project, even the biggers. some of the tools that are not yet to be replicated are burning already because they were not able to find their market… the Geek stuff is completely abandonned, even if the Morgan girl is supported to support her stuff. Gio is quite occupied in real life, so he is not even supporting his own site, and Lionel is not releasing a lot of stuff, trying to support his buggy releases… we will crush them all.

Anyway, as i now control most of the releases that were made in the last 5 years on, i suppose i have enough stuff to put in the site and make people come here to register anyway. The goal is to provide the best enhancements for vB, we will.

In the next 6 days i’m alone at home, so i’ll fill the site with the extra stuff i already have done/upgraded, and i’ll try to make the rest of what is to be debugged.

I’ll also make the site more clever, with a better distribution of forums and content. The style is going well, you can see it on … i’m redesigning some parts that Jelsoft never built properly, and i try to hide most of the crap i find.. lol

ok, let’s see if i can do something cool here!


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    why a Mac Mini, you wanted to do the same as me, isn’t it?!… i am your idol, and you want to do the exact same things as me?!…


    remember that your graphics card will avoid you the access to all major games on that Mini… hopefully i have a iMac in the other office, because this mac Mini is making me frustrated… i can not even play Enemy Territory because it lag way much…