Credits? what for ???

As you see, vbCredits is installed on this site, as a money handler. You do not gain anything by posting or voting, so please avoid posting just to raise your postcount, it worth nothing else than just bothering me.

The Credits are used for transactions, they are used for you to pay directly the products you are interested in, and for the coder to receive payment of that transaction.

The difference here is that you do not have to make direct transactions between you and the coder via anyother payment processor. It may not be safer, but at least it is simplier, and we can track if a transaction was applied, instead of just waiting for some echoes from Paypal™.

We have different ways to proceed. You can buy credits directly from paypal, or you use the subscriptions engine to use some other payment processors, if you prefer. The transactions will be logged to the name of because a company is safer than a simple untraceable user. The company is responsible of all the transactions on paypal, so we make sure nobody get involved in a scam or leech.

Once you have enough credits, you can purchase the service or script that you are interested in, and that transaction will be logged in your profile, so we know exactly what’s going on with your status.

note: we have promotions during the year, where we could apply rebates on scripts released on the site… it’s up to you to purchase your own at that time, but it is not permitted to complain about a different price depending on when you buy it.