ok, it’s simple to create a FAQ engine… vBulletin have a crappy one, and we all know it.

at the difference of a Knowledge Base where members offer answers/solutions, a FAQ is basically built by moderators and admins. We do not need a specific forum structure for it, just different templates and 2 or 3 new functions that nobody will have to act upon:

1- a sub-forum is a type of FAQ
2- each thread is a topic
3- each reply to that topic is a sub-topic (answer)

so basically, we need a showthread that make the firstpost as a resumé of the topic, and each reply will be different answers to that topic. we need a list of each reply title in the first post as the references, and so we jut have to click the reply title in the first post to be redirected to the correct anchor.

here is the sub-topics list:

  1. this is first sub-topic
  2. this is secondly thought
  3. job done for a third one

needed: we need the urls to not be opening a new window, because they are anchors…

we then need the postbits to be simplier, because they are in the same content, no need to all these user infos, just posts…