Post Ranking System – Forum … this addon is mainly what we need in a Knowledge base, BUT… we also need it to be more like this: Answer Forums – Vbulletin Modifications

a merge of the two could be the solution, so our client would have the choice to RANK posts or TAG posts as best answers…

and as both engines are coded like sh*t, we can simply recode them as addons to MTF and nobody will ever notice that we were inspired by them.. lol

pathetically, neither of the two coders was able to set a real usage for these two engines. they just say « you can do this, do that »… but basically, they are the real concept of Web 2.0 , asking members to share and participate. Bigger groups are interested to see that kind of gadget by choice on their forum, where they can simply switch to have a more flexible forum… this is part of our goals, so we have to answer them.