is it possible, when we edit a forum, that when we use the dropdown menu to have a reload/submit of the page, so the users are not messed with wrong settings?

actually, when you submit the form in the basic vB, we are redirected to the forum listing, which is pathetic.

i know that a select redirect is easy, we just do this:


  1. Drew

    i wrote something to do this a long time ago but i think we could change it to make it work for this. Here is the original script i wrote:

    Untitled Document


  2. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    yeah, but that would make the page with a lot more content, in the html, because if the client have 10 mtf products, it would make thousands of lines more…

    refresh/reload after submit is our only solution.. i’ll see if someone have something similar… i’m crap at javascript, maybe at they have something… anyway, here is something Gio have in its editor:
    [html] [/html]

  3. Drew

    Yeah i think the best solution though would be to have all the HTML loaded and then when it is switched just swap the HTML or having it so when you switch it submits the form with a different URL to save all vb’s info then it would bring the User back to the forum editor page.