I’ve been asked lately if it was possible to have free addons and support on the site when it comes online again. The answer that i could possibly give is « no », because of some obvious reasons, but it’s not a solid no…

There is a place where support and addons are free, in the Freebies forum, where we release minimalist products.

You have to remember that vbEnhancer.com is not about free releases of products and hacks. vBulletin.org Forum is the place for free stuff, and it will always be that way. vbEnhancer.com is a place for our commercial-size releases, paid products and professional support.

To avoid misinterpretation of the situation, let say that we guaranty the support and service by offering referred and approved staff to help you on your forum. This is not a freelancer’s directory, but a place where coders are paid for the work they execute.

A lot of products released here are free in form of « distribution and updates ». As a good example, our first release, iTrader, was free at first on vb.org, and is still released as a free product. The support for the free release will still be free, and we keep it updated for free as well.

The difference comes with the addons to the product. If we release some commercial addons for it, they will not be free, and their support will not be free either. Different prices can be applied per releases, and it is not a format to be discussed.

Same for our Multi-Type Forums engine, which will have its core completely free, but each « Type Addon » will be a paid product. The core is free for one reason: your prefered coder can create new addons for it, without being forced to go thru our own site. The files are uncrypted, anybody can provide suggestions and tweaks for it for free if they wish, because we will also have a « MTF Freebies » forum once released.

So that’s about it, we provide some products for free, but do not wait for free support, we’re not focussing on that, and this is a good guaranty for you that you will be answered by approved and efficient coders for which the coding task is a real job, not a hobby.