Will place your Private Messaging pages in their own shell, outside the UserCP.


As you can see here, it’s a complete rewrite of the Private Messages page, outside the UserCP Shell, and with a different way to show the Messages Listing — based on most of the emailers we know (search fields on top, not in the bottom)

Here is the only setting you have to change if needed, it is located at:

Admincp >> vBulletin Options >> Private Messaging Options


Can be completely recustomized as it’s template based.

no template edit, no file edit. All plugins.

note on july 2nd:
bug fixed:

  • no more need of the TMS engine to edit the usercp sidebar… in the USERCP Sidebar, the Private Message block will vanish in all situations.
  • folder jump now works
  • confirmed/unconfirmed alert is now showing on top, in its own box
  • sidebar title is now « Private Messaging »
  • sidebar folder names now go bold when you’re in them (css typo corrected)