A non-official opening is now in action. We’re accepting new members to visit and post requests and suggestions now that the site is pre-opened. BTW it is improper to think that we will execute any request before the official opening that is scheduled to be in the next weeks, before the end of the month.

I never put solid dates when planning a project, because anything can happen. We are waiting ’til the MTF engine is set and ready before making the move, and we plan on re-releasing a bunch of commercial products by then. In the next days i plan on posting more freebies, letting most of my stuff available for free and for all. I suppose i will have doubled the number of my releases before then.

a note: any interested coder/designer is now able to postulate for a situation on the site, but remember that i’m heavy to work with. It’s not a freelancer’s site, you will not have a job because of your cute smile…