Show Thread Stats below the navbar (replace forum-description)


This is a simple hack that can be enhanced a lot by adding more stats or rules, depending on what you want to do with it. This is a really basic startup for coders with ideas!

thanks to Taragon for the dates idea!


  1. Taragon

    would it be ‘ok’ to create this plugin and attach it to showthread_complete?
    [php]// thread last reply date/time
    $thread = vbdate($vbulletin->options, $thread, true);
    $thread = vbdate($vbulletin->options, $thread);[/php]
    which is actually working btw. (whoohoo, my 1st mod and all :p)

  2. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    the template used in this product is the « Forum Description » part in the navbar, so if you want to edit it, you’d be better edit the navbar template, OR edit the product to make it different for what you want.

    the goal of these small hacks is to provide the designers the flexibility to do whatever they want with it… 😉