Always wanted to « secure » your administration process when you edited/deleted forums?… Wanted to speedup the move of thousands of threads before deleting a forum?

This engine is very simply to understand, and is missing from vBulletin. I coded the original version inside Invision Board, and when i came to vBulletin i thought it was already integrated, but even 5 years after, it’s still missing.

When you delete a forum, with the default vBulletin, here is the screen you have:


This is kind of unsafe, you know nothing about what you’re about to delete, and you have no idea what to do with it. You are forced to move all these threads before thinking to delete the forum, and you are not always sure you’re deleting the right forum… So here is the solution:


Pretty different, isn’t it?

The dropdown is the list of your forums, the exact same dropdown you have when you Edit your forum and navigate thru it to choose a forum.

Once you submit this form, your forum will be deleted, BUT before that, all the threads are moved where you choose to, or not… 🙂