i think the site is ready…

yeah, i had to evaluate a lot of things regarding this site, and today i dropped the last things i thought were to be dropped…

first, no more community help… people in need of help for their vBulletin will go to the .org or the .com… these are the official places anyway, so Jelsoft will never be able to complain about me.

then, the products… i’m mostly done with iTrader, the first product i wanted to show on the site re-opening… the whole thing was not complicated to recode, i’m not rebuilding it right now, i was just merging all the features and recode the PHP in it to fit the real vB protocol… i’m done then, and in the next hours i phrase everything.

i’m not waiting for the MTF, people will read about it even if it is not released yet… the MTF engine need to be perfect so we test for the time we need to test it.

i will continue to release 2 or 3 hacks per day in the next weeks, i suppose i can release 100 or more hacks in the next weeks, and this is just regarding existing codes. yesterday i coded a gadget that was not on the market, so i think i can continue with these too… makes this site the biggest non-vb.org related release website… 100% of all the others are related to vb.org, most of them are even leeching vb.org’s content to make a living of it.

that’s it for the « news ». … i finish restructuring the forums right now, and continue with iTrader… which i mostly forgot about in the last days because i wanted to do something else…

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  1. yeah, the Releases engine will be for future uses, as we’re not hosting any other coder right now… and as it will be your first commercial release, take the time to make it perfect.

    and i knew the coding of addons was not changed, it’s just that i never code myself, i need examples that i can hack.. lol