Pm on Report

On any report, will send a PM to moderators or admins, and can also deactivate email sending on setting. (post, album, image, visitor message)

Here is how you set it:


This setting is located in the Infractions Options, here:

AdminCP >> vBulletin Options >> User Infractions & Post Reporting Options

And here is the PM you receive when a post is reported:


As this is just a phrase, you can customize the text.

5 réponses sur “Pm on Report”

  1. I have VB 3.8.2

    I imported the XML file … it is showing as installed product but I can’t seem to find the settings for it to be enabled as shown in first image : ( I checked vbulletin options (as is the case with other MODS)

    What am I missing or what do I need to do….?

    Please, advise.