Do you care about your members opinions?

i often see people asking for features they do not really are interested in, but their members are… so do you answer your members requests, for any reason?

like some members ask for their account to be completely deleted… would you do it?

also, like most of the time where the arcades are pointless due to the site’s topic, would you install it just because your members want to play?

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  1. You have to care about your members opinions. It’s vital. The moment you cut yourself off from your members and their opinions your site might as well close down. No matter how harsh they may be, construct or otherwise an admin should take whatever is said onboard and evaluate it from all angles.

    The same rules goes for suggestions. Any board and the best ideas that help improve a site will always come from the members. If your an admin that can’t embrace an idea, criticism and/or a suggestion you might as well shoot yourself in the foot. Because that’s exactly what you will do time and time again if you don’t value your members input.

    My opinion. It’s vital and shows that you care about another beings opinion because when that is said and done when a member feels that there opinion to a site is deemed worthless it’s only a recipe for trouble.

    Just my opinion. :grin_Grin:

  2. I care about my members opinions. Most of my members have my phone number and can call me at any time regarding any issues they might have. I have some members that call just because they need someone to talk too.

    I have had a few members request for there account’s to be deleted and I have granted there requests. They usually have 5 posts or less.

  3. @nexia 21827 wrote:

    personal phone number?.. you have a very private forum i suppose… 😉

    Yes my cell number only one or two have my house number. There are 4 local boards that everyone here uses, and we all often get together and meet each other and celebrate birthdays, monthly party’s. But I feel as Admin it’s my job to always be available to help my members out and to try to get to know them and let them know me.

  4. your type of forum is exactly what i point with these questions of opinions, cool…

    from what i see, most of the small communities, or fan sites have admins so involved in the site that it’s like a small village where everybody know everyone… it is good then to be listening to any suggestion, but as in a real village, the mayor have to ask the members if the idea is good or not, the mayor can not decide everything in his sole opinions…

    a community forum is not a personal blog, an admin can not decide everything unilaterally, or the members will feel useless and will leave. a commercial forum btw is different. supporting a software, or a product is different; members have no effect in how the site have to be driven. on a support forum, you have to focus on the content… only product-related, nothing more.

    same for the styles of a site… vB provide a way to have multiple styles, do you offer many? i privilege to have a single style, personally, a style that will fit the essence of the site; if needed, you can have flavors for that site, like a different color scheme, or diff. backgrounds for the eye-impared. having a ton of styles is not giving anything to a forum, your original style have to be the image of the site… if you have no image, build one, your members will be so happy to be bond with a real theme…

  5. I have one main style that everyone uses as default. I built our image around it. I made sure that all the features and options work in it. I have 6 other styles that the users can choose to use. And if something isn’t working I tell them to let me know and I’ll look into making it work right for them.

  6. I always try to come to a mutual agreement with my members concerning layout, and features..

    However if I like an idea and they’re unsure, then I will of course try to push my idea through. On the flipside though, if they like an idea and I’m not too keen, I’ll try to come up with my own interpretation if possible.