Registration check for First/Last name as username

requested here: Force First & Last Name Format as Username – Forum

as it’s a 2 lines hack, here it is… 🙂


the text can be changed as it’s a phrase, but do not go into details, bots can read!

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  1. Thanks!!! I’ll get that installed now.

    My account is messed up. I changed my email address to one that doesn’t match my vB license and it kinda blocked my entire account, PM’s, can’t reply to posts etc.

  2. no mess here.. 🙂

    another satisfied client!

    btw, this is a simple script, better not using the regex (regular expressions) inside the vBulletin process, as you would not have the right result. (check spaces is not easy!)

    also, the code is simple, anybody can add things to be checked!

    this one is

    !strpos($vbulletin->GPC[‘username’], ‘ ‘)