MTF Basic Addons Features..

Ok well i was working on the big three basic addons for MTF and i though i should probab,y plan out the features. So here they are please tell me what i should add/take away.

– First Post on All Pages (A new MTF api takes care of that ;))
– Article Template

Link Directory
– New Postfield for Link
– A little different postbit template
– A little different threadbit template

– Not really sure?

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  1. Articles: postbit for replies become light for « comments »…

    Link Directory: deactivate similar threads
    – also change report post for report dead link, etc… i have a bunch of these edits in store

    Albums: actually it’s an attachment album, not an album that is seperate… i have the engine, it add some fields but you already have the files… so you can take a look. these fields are related to the attachment.

  2. for articles, it’s simple postbit, with no quote, no user’s details… the focus have to be for the article, not the comments and the users posting them. same for some other addons… but we let the admin the choice to activate default postbit or minimalized one…

    i’ll do that work anyway, it’s simply some template edits/dups

  3. postbit for links can be the same as for the articles, as the only thing we will have a usage for is mostly to comment the link itself… the firstpost have to show the thumbnail of the link, meta data, and the description posted by the member…

    btw, we could have a need for a thumbalizer-like engine, would be just great… don’t know if any exists, but grabbing the thumbnail of any website page would be so useful for vBulletin… merging it to any other product is great idea for teasing coders.

  4. why meta datas?
    – description
    – title
    – keywords

    …. keywords get moved as tags, official description is usually better than any member’s description… and title because people get morons when describing a site title… if we have the official version, a moderator can easily switch them without having to visit all the sites.

    but we need that process to be swift, no lag… you need vba_links engine to copy their way to do it?

  5. stored in post fields…

    i had an image late last night about this, and a « button » activating official meta-data instead of members entries would be cool… the admin can set it to yes/no and the engine automatically grab that information when the admin prefer these… so the user submiting a url would submit only the url, and if there is no meta-data, could submit their own text…

    it’s a bit complicated for nothing, but the more gadgets we add, the more site owners are interested, i don’t know why… cultural.. lol

  6. Yeah what i think i would do is use some of the field variables to fill the value of the title field with some thing like « Title Will Automatically Be Filled with Website Title » and then before saving it just replace the data.