Extra statistics on forumhome

Well, it isn’t really a request. More like a general idea bringing more interactivity in things ‘hidden’. (if available I would use/download/buy it of course)

It’s a screenshot of the ‘What’s Going On?’ box, slightly modified. The general idea highlighted in red.



Une pensée sur “Extra statistics on forumhome”

  1. i already have this: Social Group Statistics in Whats Going On – vBulletin.org Forum installed on one of my parenting sites, kinda cool… for the groups btw, not the other parts of the site…

    your demo is great for ideas, easy to deal with… i will not ask you where you took this screenshot.. lol

    oh, and btw, as i’m rebuilding vbTrend from Hambil, here is what it was when the final was done: