What makes this site run so well?

Here is the list of all the products coded by others than me that are installed on vbEnhancer.com. It’s like my colophon of some sort… 😉

Change Threads’ Prefix Inline – vBulletin.org Forum
sendmessage creates new thread and mail forwards – vBulletin.org Forum
Cyb – Sub-Forum Manager – vBulletin.org Forum
Track Guest Visits – vBulletin.org Forum
Lower Breadcrumbs – vBulletin.org Forum
Members who have visited today. – vBulletin.org Forum
Extra Threadfields – Vbulletin Modifications
Search the plugincode – vBulletin.org Forum
vBulletin SEO by vBSEO
vBSEO Google/Yahoo Sitemap Generator – vBulletin.org Forum
Who has read a Thread – vBulletin.org Forum

4 réponses sur “What makes this site run so well?”

  1. Thank you why?… adding bloated functions just for the pleasure of having more stats is pointless here… we already know that the tools is interesting if you download it and say thanks, the Thanks You button would mean nothing more, and it add to the process for each page.

  2. Mr. Nexia,

    In your « Web Crawlers Bundle » topic, you said this about the « Track Guest Visits » modification:

    basically, you can drop it, but as this product also track the activity of guests and web crawlers, it’s up to you. it will be more server intense as it’s doing most of the things this product does, it double the queries etc and is not caching anything.

    But, if I understand this topic correctly, you have « Track Guest Visits » installed on your forum despite having « Web Crawlers Bundle » installed. That said, have you chosen to have your forum deal with « double the queries, » or did you do something to lessen the amount of queries caused by having both these modifications? If so, I’d be interested in knowing what changes you made, as I have « Track Guest Visits » installed on my forum, but also have an interest in installing your « Web Crawlers Bundle » modification.

  3. i do not have the version from Paul M because i see no use to have a tracking of guests… use Google Analytics instead, as it is not making any usage of your own server… tracking guests is pointless in most cases, as you do not have a real image of the results because guests usually are just lurking, not really interested in your site anyway…