You were saying something about a ‘simple’ comment postbit. Well i was starting to draw out it and i thought what about the legacy and regular postbit difference? Should we make one or both?


  1. Drew Auteur du sujet

    ok now that i am thinking about it some more do we really want/need the second postbit? because its gonna be a pain to keep it some what consistant with the normal templates (where as with the article/realeases temps they are so different it doesn’t matter).

  2. Jean-Pierre

    a block with on one side the username, date of post and clicking the username would redirect to the username… both postbits the same technique… we can add a hook like below username so people can display anything in them…

    anyway, i’ll see to that once i see what you’ve done so far, no need to be fancy with details, i’ll do it at least.. 🙂