webmaster@vbmodifications.co.uk wrote:
Hi all

Im sorry to say that i have now removed the deluxe version for the time being.
The reason for this is that the owner has not payed me anything for the work thats been done to the old version to the deluxe version.
Once i get payment i will re-upload the deluxe version, Till then you will not be able to buy the deluxe version as well as i will not support this as well.

Im sorry for this but when someone makes an agrement with you for paying you and breaks that agrement i will stop all help and so on.

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something remembers me of real life…


  1. Jean-Pierre Auteur du sujet

    ok, i’ve received more than 11 pm from clients of newmodifications about vBMA… strangely my name pop up when talking about that script… everybody want to be supported here because micheal332001 dropped his support and releases…

    i don’t know where they are going with this, the project is just a shit from the begining… i contacted micheal332001 to see what they were planning since Leigh will not pay him anyway… but i don’t know who is this micheal… i thought Ziki was overtaking the project, but it is still not showing as it is, or both guys try to revive it their own way (Ziki released his support engine after Leigh sent him the codes)…

    it may be a good thing if micheal abandon this, we could overtake their clients too… there is a bunch, we see by the number of installs on vb.org… but i’m unsure of what they have in mind.

    for Ziki, not sure either.. his reputation of being a real solid scammer and moron is not to be taken lightly.

    anyway, we can bring these clients here if micheal abandon, i offered that solution to him… for free, i will not pay any client.

    so then when we are ready to deliver our own MTF addons, they switch.. 🙂

    what do you think?

  2. Drew

    i think that sounds good and those clients have probably a good ability to deal with errors and bugs so our script will look amazing lol..

    i don’t think that project will EVER take off anyway so i have some time to really make it better then vBMA.. and we would need to make an importer