New Rule: Guests now have to register to download

At first, the site had the Freebies available even for guests, so anybody was able to download without registering/loging-in…

but this caused a little problem. Some web crawlers are taking a real fun downloading the attachments multiple times, for no reasons… and they persist… it loads the server a lot in no time, it’s like spam in the serverside.

i can not afford to see my host bandwidth/usage overused only because of a clash in attachment downloads, so the simpliest solution i could apply is to force people to be logged-in to download.

This is not a real problem right now as there is not much people visiting the site… but there is more crawlers visiting the site than guests, so i can not take a chance.

sorry for the ones willing to have no account, this is my solution.

3 réponses sur “New Rule: Guests now have to register to download”

  1. i thought at first that it would be just correct to change the bots permissions, but some of them are not yet considered web crawlers, as you can easily create a web-crawler at home…

    also, i think that some guys are simply hot-linking my attachments, that will be a surprise for the new downloaders… 🙂