site wrapper, better than the vb 4.0 one… surely possible

because i know nothing about the future site wrapper, i know i can do better than what i

you know how they drive the widgets in WordPress?!

Plugins/WordPress Widgets WordPress Codex

we first decide if we want the skeleton A or B,C etc, each of them have a specific X columns to fill.

with that, we decide which block we want in column X or Y…

then we configure each block… remember that we can have duplicates of specific blocks like « latest X threads », so we can have a block for latest threads from forum G, and latest threads from forum K, and put a different title for each.

this is pretty simple, way simplier than vbAdvanced and way more than what i see from vb 4.0 …

we can also have blocks that replace actual features in vB, like the forumjump (once created, the block deactivate the forumjump)…

just to tell how many blocks we can generate, mainly we can have about 25 blocks for a forumhome, or a portal page using the channels page instead of the forumhome, and we can generate a sidebar for the other parts of the site… or different sidebars depending on where we are in the site…

having different AdSense blocks can be good also, having a bunch of ready made blocks would be so much appreciate…

that portal/css is needed, everybody’s fleeing vbAdvanced because of the lack of service and customization… everybody’s willing to have a wrapper, no need for a portal itself…

and we can make a bunch of blocks related to MTF… you can have a good example here: THCfarmer … it’s a modified CMPS i coded for that site, and as you can see, i selected a different style for each block, created 4 custom blocks based on paid addons on the site, and have a variant structure never seen on any vBulletin.. 🙂

if i can have a wrapper, with the same kind of widgets construction as in WordPress, without the ajax is ok too, i would go for it right now… make it paid like 50$, with access to all the free addons only when you pay for them, and a SDK for coders… 🙂

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  1. terms:

    1- Skeleton
    2- Widget
    3- Wrapper header/footer
    4- Sidebar
    5- Span


    i don’t want to mess with blocks and columns the way the other sub-cms are working… i prefer working the new way, with widgets, as they are re-usable and flexible..

    someone can even code a wrapper that members can modify depending on their needs.

  2. i always have strange examples… i have a wide range of clients.. lol

    what i want from this site is known, become the best resource for enhancements… we’re already going well, even if we just have 10 or 15 new registrations per day… now that free downloads are unabled for guests, they will register more… that, without any advertising yet… i want the MTF to be released before paying a keyword or two on google… 🙂