Ok, here it goes, i’ve been working on iTrader for the last 2 weeks before it’s re-release, and since i did not have time to work on anything else due to other projects i have in hand.

So, for the next days, i’m finishing some other website i have to code, very expensive in time and development. All the work from it will be available from here, like the navigation and some threadbit, postbit, forumbit changes… because it worth releasing.

Then i check what’s left to be released in the Freebies; i usually get to release 2 or 3 products per week, i suppose it will speed up in the next weeks to 4 to 5 per week. The begining of summer would mean closing the old workshop as most of it would be re-released already.

So before the end of april, there is nothing really BIG coming, until the MTF is ready to roll…

Have a nice end of april!