I’m currently looking for a small plugin which shows the current user’s custom profile picture from the USERCP template using the file system.

I will pay 20% right after the job is confirmed, and 80% right after the job is finished. (Currently I’m thinking about 35,- USD total, paid by verified Paypal)

If you’re interested please contact me by pm at this board.

If possible including your real name, age, and reference of modifying you might have done in the past.

Don’t add me to your messenger account right away as I will simply ignore you for not respecting this tiny request.
I’m around here quite often; therefore I can assure you won’t have to wait long until my reply.

Reference of past successful paid requests:
vBulletin.org Forum
vBulletin.org Forum
vBulletin.org Forum

Reference of current open requests:

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  1. Taragon Auteur du sujet

    [php]if ($vbulletin->options AND ($permissions & $vbulletin->bf_ugp_genericpermissions))
    if ($vbulletin->options)
    $vbulletin->userinfo = $vbulletin->options . ‘/profilepic’ . $vbulletin->userinfo . ‘_’ . $vbulletin->userinfo . ‘.gif’;