Event Forums update?

Hi, is the version 3.3 of event forums mod that you adopted going to be updated soon? I run vb 3.7.X and find this and all older versions do not work for me. By the look of the mod thread on vb.org I guess there are others also. I’d love to know if this is going to be updated? Thanks

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  1. thanks for your reply, I ask because the thread for this mod on vb.org has about 43 pages of replies and at present « appears » to be abandoned, with many users reporting issues to whoever owns it now (?) with no response from any « current » owner. Some users saw that you had previously adopted it so thats the last they heard. If the original author has in fact re-abandoned it, maybe you should re-adopt it? 🙂 Or if not you, hopefully someone, it has great potential but badly needs updating… thanks again

  2. i may readopt these addons if i see there is more requests and i have time to execute the updates…. but remember that as the code is already sadly coded, it will take much time to recode to make a solid engine.

    it was planned to recode it into a MTF addon, and as the MTF is in beta stage right now, i suppose we will be able to evaluate the work to be done once the MTF is released, in some weeks.

    the future is close, we never know.